Our Story

PurePro Feeds came about in 2019 after Maja desperately needed a better dog food for the kelpies on the farm as she struggled to keep the hardest working dogs in condition and even more so the whelping bitches and growing pups.

She looked to her uncle Jeff for advice and the more research they did on other dog food available, they found that nearly all foods are formulated with the same ingredients as a base and the palatability and digestibility was so low there simply was no way it could keep up to these busy dogs. So, we chose to go down a different path.

Jeff with his knowledge and experience, formulated a dog food far different from anything else.

With double the protein and double the fat content of most dog foods it raised a few eyebrows, but the results when fed were outstanding. Going back to “standard” dog food just was not an option, and as the word started to spread and the phone would not stop ringing. We decided to make this product available to everyone!

Maja Weiland

Sales Manager

Maja has been full time farming most of her adult life on a sheep and cropping property together with her partner. She has a passion for working dogs, especially kelpies and has a team of 4 black and tan kelpies on their farm and usually rears a couple of litters of pups every year.

Jeff Watts

Production Manager

Jeff comes from a background of intensive animal production leading into managing and owning several stock feed companies over the years. He fills the role of advising and managing the production and product development in PurePro feeds. Owner to a couple of busy beagles who are first in line to sample products!

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