My dog is not a working dog and not very active, can I feed it PurePro?

Yes! Fat and Protein is not just for highly active dogs. They are both very important for a dog to maintain health.
Fat as a nutrient is a source of slow releasing energy for a dog, and protein is the building blocks for a dog to maintain, heal and build muscles.

If the dog is fed a diet which is low in Protein and low in Fat, that feed is most likely very high in something else, most commonly carbohydrates and sugars. Now carbohydrates and sugars are a source of very fast releasing energy, but if that energy doesn’t get spent. It will lay down as fat. And once the small amount of protein has been utilized and the energy from the low fat runs out – your dog will be hungry again.

So instead of choosing a “LITE” dog food for your inactive, elderly or slightly overweight dog that has a low protein and fat content. Think again! A protein rich food in a smaller serving is a much better option for the inactive dog. The protein will leave your dog feeling full for longer, and the fat will give a more long lasting energy effect rather than a big spike and then a huge drop.

So even though PurePro was originally put together for the hardest of workers, it is equally as fitting as a feed for the retired dog – just adjust the serving size!

Is PurePro a good puppy food?

YES! PurePro has a high calcium content, which is important when growing bones. It is also super charged with protein for building muscles and fat to provide energy for playing and more growing. High content of Omega 3 to promote brain development and all the essential minerals and vitamins.
We suggest giving your pup free access to food unless you have other pets that may steal their food, then make sure your pup has access to food at least 3 times a day.

What is the flavour of PurePro?

PurePro has no added flavouring. Its main ingredients are 3 types of fish meal and Salmon oil.

Does PurePro contain any preservatives?

No, The salmon oil doubles as a natural protector of the pellet.

Is PurePro safe to feed to racing greyhounds?

Yes, All ingredients are safe with no traces of antibiotics or ‘knackery’ sourced meat. It also does not contain any prohibited materials. Competing greyhounds are already being fed PurePro with no positive swabs.

How do I store PurePro and how long can I store it for?

Store bags in a cool place out of sunlight and weather. Keep safe from vermin, due to its tasty formula mice and stray animals will be attracted to it. It is not prone to take on mould but keep away from moisture.
The kibbles are very stable and keep well. We do recommend using within 12 months of purchase.

My female dog is in pup, can I feed her PurePro?

Yes most definitely. PurePro is ultra high in folic acid which is very important in early foetal development. She will also require an increased amount of protein and energy as the pregnancy goes along, and with less room in her stomach for food due to growing puppies, a nutrient dense feed is key!

Once the pups are born and she start to lactate a high energy feed with lots of protein and calcium is key. PurePro can provide all of that and she won’t have to eat huge amount either. Which is a good thing because caring for as many as 10 little puppies is a busy job and won’t leave much time for eating.

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