Yes! Fat and Protein is not just for highly active dogs. They are both very important for a dog to maintain health.
Fat as a nutrient is a source of slow releasing energy for a dog, and protein is the building blocks for a dog to maintain, heal and build muscles.

If the dog is fed a diet which is low in Protein and low in Fat, that feed is most likely very high in something else, most commonly carbohydrates and sugars. Now carbohydrates and sugars are a source of very fast releasing energy, but if that energy doesn’t get spent. It will lay down as fat. And once the small amount of protein has been utilized and the energy from the low fat runs out – your dog will be hungry again.

So instead of choosing a “LITE” dog food for your inactive, elderly or slightly overweight dog that has a low protein and fat content. Think again! A protein rich food in a smaller serving is a much better option for the inactive dog. The protein will leave your dog feeling full for longer, and the fat will give a more long lasting energy effect rather than a big spike and then a huge drop.

So even though PurePro was originally put together for the hardest of workers, it is equally as fitting as a feed for the retired dog – just adjust the serving size!